Our History

Journey into the Heart
of Italian Hospitality

Bros Hospitality Collection was born from the love for the Marche region and the passion of the Beleggia family and the Bros Manifatture group for tradition, artisanal innovation, and service.

In 1997, our journey led us into the world of hospitality with the acquisition of the San Paolo Hotel, marking the beginning of a path of growth and dedication to excellent service. The rebirth of Villa Lattanzi in 2008 and the birth of Officina del Sole in 2016 have reinforced our vision to offer unique experiences, immersed in the beauty and authenticity of the Marche territory.

4 Hotels & Resorts
immersed in a wonderful natural setting

Officina del Sole, Villa Lattanzi, San Paolo Hotel and Palazzo Alaleona are the four luxury accommodation facilities owned by the Beleggia family and the Bros Manifatture group. Different structures in terms of type, history and perspectives, they are all united by a single mission: the enhancement of the Fermo area.

Historic Villa and Luxury Refuge:
• 18 Rooms
• Romantic spa and fitness centre
• Swimming pool
• Restaurant
• Natural park

4-Star Business Hotel:

• 56 Rooms
• 8 Studio Apartments with Kitchen
• Romantic Spa
• 3 Meeting Rooms
• Swimming Pool
• Restaurant

Historic Palace:
• 7 rooms + 7 under construction
• Restaurant
• Event Spaces



Wine Resort:
• 24 Rooms
• Wine Cellar and Oil Mill
• Restaurant
• Padel Courts
• Next Opening: Wellness Center

A Story
that goes back a long way


Bros Manifatture is born

founded by Lanfranco Beleggia in the Marche region. We start with the production of straps, thus starting our bond with craftsmanship and tradition.


Our first step into hospitality

the acquisition of Sanpaolo Hotel, which we transformed into a welcoming four-star business hotel after a meticulous renovation in 2004.


Brosway makes its entry into the world of jewelry

distinguishing itself as a leader in the jewellery sector in Italy and reinforcing our commitment to artisan excellence.


S'Agapo is born

A young and trendy jewellery brand, marking our commitment to the world of fashion.


The rebirth of Villa Lattanzi

A curial villa immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, it creates a five-star retreat with exclusive rooms, a private spa and a panoramic swimming pool.


Officina del Sole emerges

such as a wine resort with local wine production, a winery and an oil mill, offering our guests an experience immersed in the beauty of the Marche countryside.


The renovation of Palazzo Alaleona

an 18th-century historic building, breathes life into an exclusive abode with 14 rooms, each featuring an en-suite spa. Labyrinthine spaces and a respectful artistic restoration unveil the elegance of the original settings.

Naturally Sustainable

Our dedication to sustainability stems from a deep respect for nature and local culture. Through bio-sustainable practices and faithful restoration of our historical jewels, we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact and enhancing the heritage of the Marche region.

With love, we have renewed Villa Lattanzi and Palazzo Alaleona, striking the right balance between respect for their history and updated design, where every line and texture weaves a dialogue between the elegance of the past and the comfort of the present.


This meticulous blend of old and new breathes life into spaces that become keepers of memorable experiences in the heart of Italy. 

Values & Vision
Italian Style

Bros Hospitality Collection is committed to bringing to life the spirit of Italian hospitality by combining tradition and innovation, respect for culture, and a passion for excellence. We are guided by values that reflect the richness and diversity of the Marche region, a land that has seen us grow and that we wish to honor through our facilities and services.